Be A Reunion Volunteer!

Show your Pioneer Pride!

We all think back to our Utica College days, perhaps wondering what happened to a friend or recalling a professor’s memorable words. Maybe it’s a piece of music or a particularly snowy, windswept day that revives a UC memory. When that happens, we might reach out to a UC friend to reminisce and talk about how you ought to get together – or maybe we only think about reaching out but never do.

This is your opportunity to reunite with your UC friends for a weekend of fun, fellowship and football! Even better, you can help make that reunion happen by volunteering for the reunion committee.

Reunion year volunteers are ambassadors for Utica College; taking a leadership role in promoting Homecoming, while encouraging classmates to return to campus for the weekend. Volunteers will participate in the overall reunion effort and are critical to the success of their class’ upcoming reunion. Each reunion class will have an assigned Utica College staff liaison that will manage the reunion logistics.  

We know that organizing an event is a team effort. Therefore, feel free to recruit fellow classmates to volunteer. Go UC!


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